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    Hi Chris! I am Alfons from Austria. I have collected the Series-minifigures since 2010 an I am proud to say I have ALL of them. I started to frame them in RIBBA with your very beautiful an professional made backgrounds. Also your descriptions about how to mount the figures are a big help for me! I am in contact with many collectors all over europe and we all would be very happy to have your backgrounds for the latest series. Believe me, I tried to make a background by myself: it was a disaster 😉
    Please Chris, maybe you could find the time to make me and my collector-friends happy: Disney2, the series 19 and the the DC-Series are still without background! And think about the anniversary-series in may 2020: 10 years collectible mini figures series!
    I hope you read this and I hope you think about designing new backgrounds. You make more people happy with this than you think!
    Greetings from Vienna, Austria!

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