Weston Creek High School Magazine 1988
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This article provides a download of Acacia: Weston Creek High ’88, the annual Weston Creek High School Magazine published in 1988.

An archival copy of the Acacia: Weston Creek High ’88 magazine is not currently held by the National Library of Australia in their collection of periodicals for Weston Creek High School.

The magazine was produced by Year 9 and 10 Journalism students in the days before digital composition. Each page was laid out on paper by hand – you can even see the tape sticking down the student photos!


Cover TitleAcacia: Weston Creek High '88
Publication TitleWeston Creek High School, 1988 Magazine, 11th Annual Magazine
Publication Year1988
Publication FormatA4 - 210 mm × 297 mm (8.27 in × 11.7 in)
Number of Pages81 + cover
Teacher/EditorHelen Rogers
StudentsKarie Bell, Sam Blackmore, Chris Brooks, Joanne Bustone, Kathleen Cuthbert, Karen Day, Irene Del Rosario, Michaela Dixon, Sam Ely, Mandy Fitzroy, Dayna Graham, James Harmer, Sally Hendrie, Joanne Horvat, Chris Jones, Deanna Jones, Sharron Laverty, Megan Laws, Tricia Levy, Chris Lowe, Suzanne Lyon, Karen May, Sheenagh McDonnell, Katrina Miller, Gavin Muir, Paul Overnell, Sandy Price, Charles Slaats, Kristie Southwell, Meredith Trick, Narelle Wallis
Cover ArtworkBrian Kavanagh


  1. Principal’s Message
  2. Stranger Danger!
  3. SRC Report
  4. Peer Support ’88
  5. Debating
  6. Toastmasters
  7. Things Can Only Get Worse
  8. Offline
  9. Living Skills
  10. Band Programme
  11. German Camp Report
  12. Swimming Carnival
  13. Cross Country
  1. Athletics Carnival
  2. The Unofficial P.E. Report
  3. P.E. Extension Crossword
  4. Cricket
  5. Lawn Bowls
  6. Special Events
  7. Dags Day
  8. Les Misérables
  9. Nganbra
  10. Acting Tech
  11. Formal ’88
  12. Panda Excursion
  13. Warrambui: Year 7 Camp
  1. Offline Camp
  2. Year 8 Excursion
  3. School Expo ’88
  4. Homescience: Semester 1
  5. Entertainment Night
  6. Art and Literature
  7. Year 7 Group Photographs
  8. Year 8 Group Photographs
  9. Year 9 Group Photographs
  10. Year 10 Class Of ’88 Photographs
  11. Gossip Page
  12. Journalism Class of ’88


I scanned the original copy of my magazine at 600 dpi, applied Optical Character Recognition (OCR), removed all hand written autographs and other noticeable “artefacts”,  and saved the result in Adobe PDF format.

Unfortunately there was a printing problem with the magazine which led to print transfer between some pages, and is particularly noticeable on pages 11, 14 and 15. If anyone is able to provide better copies of these pages, please contact me! 🙂

There are two downloadable versions of the magazine:

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Weston Creek High School Magazine 1988

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